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Allah (SWT), Mohammad (PBUH) Acrylic/Wooden Islamic Wall Art

Allah (SWT), Mohammad (PBUH) Acrylic/Wooden Islamic Wall Art

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  • Allah (cc) and Mohammad (pbuh) names are cut with laser.
  • The artwork consists of 2 layers. The underlying 1 layers are cut with laser from 5 mm MDF . The upper layer is 1.2 mm very shiny plexi-glass which has a gold/silver plated mirror effect. Depth is totally 6.5mm
  • Medium Size: Each decor is 30 x 20 cm
    Large Size : Each decor is 45 x 30 cm
  • Sticking endurance depends on the surface of walls, wall paintings and wallpapers. We do not recommend hanging the item above beds or cribs, just in case.
  • You can mount the product without damaging the wall thanks to the hanging strips behind
  • Easy to use, don’t need any nails or drilling the wall

Cleaning Instructions:

  • Please clean with a dry and soft cloth. Never wipe with a wet cloth using water, alcohol, or any other chemical liquids. Since it has a very glossy surface, it is recommended not to touch the front surface to prevent fingerprints.
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