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Allah (SWT) name and Classic Acyalic\Wooden Islamic Wall Clock

Allah (SWT) name and Classic Acyalic\Wooden Islamic Wall Clock

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Classic Ayatul Kursi Style Islamic Wall Clock, Silent Mechanism Clock for Muslims, Islamic Gifts, Ramadan Decoration, Eid Decor, Arabic Calligraphy

Material: Acrylic

Color: Gold Silver Combinations

Sizes: (width & Height)

Medium: 14.9 x 19.7 inches | 38 x 50 cm

Large : 17.7 x 25.6 inches | 45 x 65 cm

Depth/Thickness: 6 mm

* Cleaning Instructions:

Please clean with a dry and soft cloth. Never wipe with a wet cloth using water, alcohol, or any other chemical liquids. Since it has a very glossy surface, it is recommended not to touch the front surface to prevent fingerprints.


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